lunes, 15 de octubre de 2007

The Darkest and Hilliest Days

There are days when dark becomes darker
And darkest still has a gloomier shade.

Days like yesterday, when quitting seemed to be right,
And I questioned the worth of every fight.

There were words like never and away,
Used in phrases like “never enough”,
“You took my dignity away”,
or “you’ve never done right”.

These are times when
hilly meant hillier,
And the hilliest could be the longest too.

These words were built as barriers,
And site a heart that has been set free.
They make me reject food and care,
And try to steal the sense of purpose from me.

It’s time to stop in this road,
Shake my head and say:
“I simply don’t understand again”.

So I’d use a reliable phrase
(This shall pass too),
That points at the light in the darkest,
And a rest in the hilliest,

And admit that these are days,
Jesus Christ died for,
To understand and care,
And take my burden as his.

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